Organic vs Synthetic Lawn Care, Northfield, Minnesota

Landscape Dreams LLC specializes in organic and sythetic lawn care that makes your property look its best year-round. Our professional and knowledgeable staff will enhance the look and value of your property. 

Comparison of organic or sythetic lawn care.

Organic (natural) Synthetic (chemical)
Purchasing Convenience
  • Depending on the type of organic fertilizer used, it can be more expensive than synthetic fertilizers.
  • Available bag sizes aren’t large or economical enough for homeowners.
  • Synthetic fertilizers are most commonly used, readily available, available in greater amounts, and generally, cost effective.
  • Controlled-release pellets are more expensive.
Ease of Application
  • Some organic fertilizers are in their “raw” form, not pellets, and may take extra effort to distribute over large areas.
  • Generally, no harm will result from over application or spills.
  • Use a fertilizer spreader according to manufacturer rates.
  • Accidental over application, including overlapping rows when fertilizing, can cause lawns to burn.
  • Natural-based fertilizer nutrients can fluctuate.
  • Micronutrients are typically present, providing some of the trace nutrients plants require.
  • Nutrient amounts are highly accurate.
  • Blends can be formulated for specific needs.
  • High nutrient concentrations may build-up in the soil, which may lead to leaching and run-off.
  • Generally, don’t contain necessary micronutrients.
  • If it contains water-soluble iron, it can stain concrete.
Rate of Nutrient Release
  • Nutrients are released at a rate plants can use, greatly reducing the chance of leaching or run-off.
  • Microbes in the soil break down the organic material releasing the nutrients.
  • Requires fewer applications, which means less work over time.
  • Controlled growth that doesn’t over-stimulate plants, promotes stronger root growth for better disease and insect resistance.
  • Reliant on soil temperature: cooler soil = slower release rate, which corresponds to the rate plants can take up nutrients.
  • Poor quality soils depleted of beneficial microbes may delay results.
  • Long lasting.
  • Synthetic fertilizers give lawns and gardens a quick, but short-lived, burst of nutrients, which can cause rapid growth at the expense of developing a strong root system.
  • May see results in 1–2 weeks.
  • More mowing will be required due to rapid growth.
  • Water soluble in most forms.
  • Because nutrients are released quickly more applications will be required.
  • Many forms available: pellets, granules, liquid, tablets, spikes, and controlled-release.
  • Short-term solution to a long-term need.
Impact on Soil
  • Promotes a healthy soil ecosystem.
  • Provides organic material that decomposes, releases nutrients plants can use and feeds vital microorganisms, all important for rich, fertile soil.
  • Improves soil texture, which increases water retention, particularly important in drought conditions.
  • Synthetic fertilizers contribute very little to the ecosystem or structure of the soil.
  • May actually decrease soil fertility due to chemical nitrogen stimulating excessive microorganism growth, which, over time, depletes organic matter in the soil.
Plant Safety
  • In most cases, won’t burn plant leaves or roots.
  • Manure should be composted for greatest safety.
  • Incorrect or over application may burn plants due to high concentrations of chemical nutrients, which are salts.
  • Can cause excess top growth and stress roots.
Environmental Safety
  • Minimal, if any, run-off or leaching.
  • Since water releases nutrients, a significant amount of nutrients can be lost from run-off and leaching, sometimes up to one-third.







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